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A new approach to data visualization

Similar to the concept of the electrocardiogram used in cardiology, the ambulatory glucose profile (AGP) offers a standardized visualization of glucose data that is reliable, predictive, and actionable.1 The glucose data generated from continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) over several days or weeks are collapsed into a single 24-hour period, creating a view of a modal day. This view reveals underlying patterns in glucose variability to a greater extent than using HbA1c by itself.1,2 Key considerations during interpretation of the AGP include evaluating if readings are within the target range, patterns of hypoglycemia, the shape of the median curve, and the width of the Interquartile range (IQR).

Ambulatory Glucose Profile Glucose Level Chart

Along with the HbA1c, the AGP allows health care professionals to more effectively visualize and utilize glucose data in the clinical management of diabetes.

See the distribution curves:

Ambulatory Glucose Profile Distribution Curves Ambulatory Glucose Profile Median Curve Ambulatory Glucose Profile Interquartile Range Ambulatory Glucose Profile Glucose Excursions

References: 1. Bergenstal RM, Ahmann AJ, Bailey T, et al. Recommendations for standardizing glucose reporting and analysis to optimize clinical decision making in diabetes: the ambulatory glucose profile. J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2013;7:562-578. 2. Kohnert KD, Vogt L, Salzsieder E. Advances in understanding glucose variability and the role of continuous glucose monitoring. Eur Endocrinol. 2010;6:53-56. 3. Aujoulat I, Jacquemin P, Rietzschel E, et al. Factors associated with clinical inertia: an integrative review. Adv Med Educ Pract. 2014;5:141-147.

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